AEF / EF Workbook Answer Keys

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各檔案為 pdf.檔。使用範圍如下:

  • 習作各單元解答。
  • 課本 Review and Check 單元內容。
  • 課本 Can you understand 單元內容。

第二個pdf.檔為 Grammar Banks 及 Vocabulary Banks的習作解答
除了Level 3+,全部解答從Starter到Level 5已完成上傳供您下載。

Just click on the links to open or download the answer keys for the books for your level.Every file is a pdf. They include answers for:

  • Every part of the workbook
  • The Review and Check sections of the Student Book
  • The “Can you understand” sections of the Student Book

The other pdf. has the answers for the Grammar Banks and the Vocabulary Banks. This is useful if you missed that part of a lesson, or you want to double check.
Apart from level 3+, all levels from S to 5 are uploaded and ready for you to download.

Level 3+

The Answer Key for the Workbook for English File Intermediate+ is in your Student Book in the back.

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