Teach Adults in Taipei

And never teach children again!

We are always looking for awesome teachers to join our team.

Are you an experienced Adult teacher? Have you had enough of children? Do you just want to work with people who actually give a damn about what happens in the classroom? Do you want to be pushed to be a better teacher?

If so, we may be the place you are looking for.

We are generally looking for people who can fill either of the two positions outlined below.

If you are interested in Teaching Adults (NOT children!), send an email about why you want to work for TEA, your resume, and a short pic to:

Or, keep reading below to find out more about our school an positions.

We actually like our jobs, and we like talking to our students.

What do our teachers say?

Henry W

Geoff D

Stephen B

And here we have an former teacher, Stephen Bolitin from the US, who popped into to say hi. He compares teaching here with other schools in the US.

Where are we?

Banqiao School

Right next to Jiangcizui MRT station exit 3.

Taipei School

Right next to Nanjing Sanming MRT station exit 2.

Our core values

We Foster Education

We are all constantly learning. The staff, the students, and the teachers. We encourage this by raising our expectations of ourselves and each other. To this end we regularly assess how well we are doing both in and out of the classroom.

We Pursue Excellence

Our school has developed a clear statement of teaching standards that teachers are expected to quickly meet and strive to exceed. We believe in constant training and improvement, and we do this through a peer-observation system and monthly workshops or training sessions.

We Practice Honesty

No one is perfect. But we try to be utterly honest and transparent with our dealings with all staff and students. We don’t hide information. Everything is in plain sight – from the teaching schedules to the testing room.

It also means if you suck at teaching, we will tell you directly. (But in a nice way of course!)

We Create Fun

We know people learn best when they are enjoying themselves. So, we like to have fun in and out of the classroom, whether it is celebrating student successes or dressing up for halloween.

Our positions

English Teacher

CELTA qualified with at least 1 year of adult teaching experience.*

  • Teach 4-skill adult classes
  • Teaching evenings: 6:30-9:45pm
  • 1on1s and other day classes
  • Be available Monday ~ Friday evenings and flexible on Saturdays

* If you are a fresh teacher, but you totally rocked the CELTA with an A, we’d still love to talk to you!

What We’re Looking For


    At least 1 year teaching adults in a variety of lessons in a classroom setting. We also take promising teachers who have just completed their CELTA.


    You should have good command of core classroom skills, and be comfortable teaching language at mid-levels.


    In addition to the above, you should have excellent time-management skills, and be able to demonstrate how you have improved as an English language teacher.


    Ideally, you should be familiar with Cambridge ESOL Exams or the IELTS exam, have taught starter to High Intermediate, and have taught integrated language skills.

Senior English Teacher

DELTA qualified or Dip TESOL with at least 4 years of adult teaching experience.

  • Mentor other teachers
  • Run development workshops

What We’re Looking For


    At least 4 years of teaching experience. (At least 1 post certificate.) You should have taught General 4-skill English Classes from starter to advanced.


    You should have excellent classroom skills, and have demonstrated higher skill development.


    In addition to the above, you should have excellent time-management skills, and be constantly seeking improvement in your own teaching.


    You should have been responsible for training teachers and determining whether they meet school standards. Finally, you should have worked in a “Western” style language school.

Teacher Start Rates

Depending on your current mix of experience and teaching qualifications, you will typically start at one of the following rates.


  • NT$700

    DELTA / Trinity Dip with four+ years of relevant teaching experience

  • NT$650 ~ NT$675

    CELTA / Trinity Cert and least 1 year highly-relevant post-qualification adult teaching experience in an integrated skills classroom context. AND this is evident in the pre-interview tasks, the interview, and in the teaching task.

  • NT$600 ~ NT$650

    You may have a CELTA / Trinity Cert with no or very little (or unrelated) teaching experience

    You may have some relevant teaching experience with some other English teaching qualification


    If you find you don’t fit these descriptions, we may have something suitable but we would have talk to you in person.

Notes and explanations:
1. Teaching experience:

  • Relevant teaching experience typically means adult teaching experience in an integrated skills classroom context. It can also refer to some kinds of “corporate” training.
  • Mixed teaching experience typically means a combination of some unrelated experience, corporate, and relevant teaching experience
  • Un-related teaching experience refers to: Conversation only classes (e.g. “free-talk”, “discussion” classes), 1on1 classes, Online tutoring, Kindergarten, and Elementary children, Traditional university “lecture-style” teaching, Buxiban-style “test-prep” classes
  • Other teaching qualifications include: a University extension certificate, Graduate Diplomas, online course, other TEFL courses, ES(O)L Licenture

2. All potential teachers will be asked to do our pre-interview teaching task to get a sense of your teaching knowledge. This will also influence your potential rate.

The application process

Before you send us your application, it is a good idea to read through the following process.

1. Download and read the job description

Download and make sure you read the job description. The availability is really important to get right.

If you think you are OK with the general work times, start getting your documents together!

Download the Job description here

2. Send us your documents

Your email should include:

1. A picture of your wonderful self.

2. A simple cover email with information about:

  • Why you are interested in working for us
  • A brief summary of the kinds of working environment you have been in. For example, was it a generally autonomous corporate experience, was there a rigid curriculum and teaching system you had to follow? (Don’t put in too much detail since that will be on your resume.)
  • What your purpose is in Taiwan and how long do you envisage being here. For example, are you mainly here as a tourist, a learner of Chinese, a career teacher, or something else.
  • Your availability in terms of potential start dates.

3. A brief resume focusing on your relevant experience and qualifications:

  • For your teaching experience, please make it clear what kinds of classes and students you taught since we will ask you about this in the second interview anyway: E.g.
    • Age (elementary, junior high, high school, young adults, adults, seniors)
    • Purpose (exam preparation, general, business, custom
    • Class size e.g. 1on1, 4-12, 25+
    • Approximate teaching load
  • For other kinds of experience, e.g. curriculum design, teacher training, teacher management, summarize your key duties and approximately how much time you spent on this a week. E.g. were you a 50% teacher and a 50% teacher manager?
  • If your teaching qualification is NOT a CELTA / Trinity Cert / DELTA / Trinity Dip, provide the complete name of the qualification as well as a link to the provider, and ideally a summary of of the course content. This is usually on the back of the certificate or comes as a separate piece of paper. The summary can be scanned and attached.

Send it to teach@academy.com.tw

3. First interview

This is a short 10 ~ 15 minute interview to confirm basic details and see how well you fit in with The English Academy culture. This is also an opportunity for you to clarify most questions relating to possible schedules and times.

4. Pre-Interview Task

While you are here, we will give you a pre-interview task. This takes about 30 – 35 minutes to do and dramatically reduces the interview time. We will also discuss some of this in the second interview.

The task includes some basic questions on:

  • Language knowledge
  • Error identification
  • Task staging
  • Your basic “philosophy” towards teaching English

You will also watch a short teaching video and write down your thoughts about it.
You can watch the teaching video below if you like.

Watch the Video for the Pre-Interview Task

* Note: if you do not have a CELTA / Trinity Certificate English teaching qualification, you will probably struggle with some of the questions. However, if you have acquired similar knowledge through your teaching experience or alternative qualifications, the task will reflect this.

5. Second and final interview

This interview takes about 60 minutes and focuses on your attitudes towards teaching. You will also do a short demo with some provided material.

It often takes a couple of days or a week to make a decision on whether or not we can offer you a position, since we regularly interview a large number of people.

6. Onboard!

For our first meeting, we will need to sign some paperwork and start the orientation and induction process. This typically takes around 2 hours.

After this, there are self-access videos to watch and a worksheet to complete during the induction week to help get you ready to teach at TEA.

We may also organize several observations if necessary.

Thinking about working for us?


Click the button to to download the job description.

Download the Job Description

And send your cover email, resume with teaching certificate details and a pic to teach@academy.com.tw.

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